2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Sunday night, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center saw it all! From Lady Gaga showing her skin, Nsync’s exclusive appearance and Miley.. just being Miley (enough said). Twitter feeds blowed up throughout Sunday night after she preformed “Blurred lines with Robin Thicke. Miley twerks her way to 3,000 tweets a minute. Some say that Miley Cyrus is “thirsty” for some attention but some believe that this former Disney star needs some serious help. Celebrities like Rihanna and the Smith family were shocked with Miley’s raunchy behavior. Viewers were concerned how the Cyrus family allowed this to happen. Only 20 years old and already shaking off her young Hannah Montana audience. In a recent interview with Kelly Osborn, Miley states that she is tired of playing a character for so long, she’s finally being herself. But the question that everyone is wondering is the “real” Miley putting herself in danger?

Written By: Lynette Disla @LyneteDee

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