Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoe: “Best Shoe EVER”

Adidas is notorious for its outlandish campaigns; and for their latest running shoe, they surely didn’t disappoint. Using a gutted bank vault across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, they were clever in filling the space with well over 200 athletes armed with megaphones shouting “Join the Revolution!” The campaign worked beautifully in captivating the press and onlookers alike to unveil its latest running shoe: The Ultra Boost.

Adidas’ executive board member Eric Liedtke claimed the new Ultra Boost (retailing at $180 dollars) “is the greatest running shoe ever” [exact quote] – far surpassing its predecessor released two years back. New features for this model includes a lightweight thread made of primeknit material; and thermoplastic polyurethane, a rubbery substance used in timing belts and engine gaskets – makes for one hell of a difference, right folks? Company admits their running shoe division has climbed in revenue by at least 14 percent last year, almost entirely attributed to their Boost line. However, we’ll have to wait and see if those numbers change post this latest release. The Ultra Boost running shoe is expected  to release on February 11, 2015 at select Adidas stores. Below, let us know here at if you’ll be purchasing the best running shoe ever – and if not, drop us a note and tell us why.

By Mauricio Gonzalez

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