Hello fellow savvy Instagramers! Are you ready for some exciting news?  **Drum Roll Please** Instagram is ready to announce its latest update featuring a bevy of new perks and special features to tickle everyone’s fancy. Here’s what you’ll find:

Import Videos from Library:
You can now upload videos from your phone’s library and share on Instagram regardless of date. Once you’ve selected your video, you can trim it down to showcase your biggest highlights in content. They’ve also made it simple to crop and clip  so your followers see the action front and center.

Automatic Straightening for iOS:
When sifting through IG feeds, there’s nothing more distracting than slanted photos, are we right? Well, with this latest upgrade, you can now stop the madness of adjust accordingly. When you take a photo with the in-app camera, you can now tap the new “Straighten” function and your photo will automatically level your pic instantaneously. The straightening tool also includes a slide where you can rotate and adjust any photo – including those from your photo library. And, you can upload as much or as little as you’d like.

Video on Instagram aka the Ice Cream Sandwich:
Heaven has apparently answered our IG prayers because videos can now be shared with people who use Android 4.0 – hence its Ice Cream Sandwich tagline. Since the launch of videos on Instagram, this is truly the second coming with regards to internet sharing and potential community growth.  To learn more about Instagram 4.1, check out the Instagram Help Center.

By Hector Albizu


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