All Hail Queen Bey! The release of the now famous “Becky, with the good hair” aka the “Sorry” music video from the “Lemonade” album has now made its official debut. And what a debut it has been y’all, with well-over 5 million hits via Youtube in a matter of hours. #TheBeyHive is truly legit. This song in particular had tongues a-waging for several weeks long after its HBO/Tidal screening. The song took on a life of its own for the lyrical content and speculation of infidelity. The video in its entirety is shot in a gorgeous Black and White silhouette  – perhaps a subtle hint on how Queen Bey interprets this martial discord – black and white, no grey.

The Bey PR team was insistent in inscribing African culture with a bevy of extracts regarding costumes and makeup from the Yoruba tribe found in West Africa. For those who are unfamiliar: Yoruba or Oshun stands for goddess – water goodness to be exact – and is a deity of beauty, love, and wrath amongst many other elements. The body paint you see exhibited on Beyonce and Co. is by Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo, who exhibits the “Sacred Art of the Ori” body painting – a spiritual Yoruba ritual that largely encompass his artwork. Laolu has garnered a lot of attention post video. His artwork can be seen via his online portfolio of which he says is a way of capturing the essence, soul and sometimes destiny of each individual. Speaking of capturing the essence, below peep famous tennis player and friend, Sierra Williams, do her cameo thing in Bey’s video- and let’s just say, she’s not one to be played with neither.

Breaking News: according to the rumor mill, the now masterful “Lemonade” album is said to have been a well plotted creative venture amongst Beyonce and her famous husband Jay-Z. It is also being said that a “clap back” album from Jay’s perspective is soon to be released. Keep it locked here on for updates to this story; and don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of
Twitter: RozB33

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