Big Boi And Andre 3000 Talk About Possible OutKast Biopic

Off the success of this past summer’s hit biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” duo rap team OutKast is now hinting at a tentative film about their music trajectory. While promoting his upcoming EP, Big Grams at Reddit AMA, Big Boi told a fan that him and Andre 3000 were “just discussing this over Labor Day;” referring to a possible biopic centered around one of the biggest hip-hop groups ever. Not only are discussions a giant step in the right direction with regards to diversity in Hollywood, but can also serve to be very lucrative. Also, these biopics would not only give a new wave of filmmakers an opportunity to stretch out their film chops, but also serve as a learning asset for moviegoers and music enthusiasts as well. Thumbs up to more biopics showcasing the pioneers and legends who’ve helped pave the way. 

By  Shimshown Farrior

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