Black Snake Moan: Nike Air Python with Ostrich

These are right up my alley!  All black premium Nike Hi Tops, I mean really high, with salmon pink accents, and get this … complemented with Ostrich.  How outrageous and cool can one get?  The Nike Air Pythons with ostrich sides are here to do the trick.  Why did Nike do this?  I have no idea, nor do I know if sneakerheads will gravitate to these almost boot-like sneakers, but I do see fashionistas who appreciate a premium product and aren’t scared to walk a little outside the box grabbing a pair of these.  Slated for a September 21st release, I would advise you to keep your eye peeled for the Pythons.

Written By: Kherk

Nike-Air-Shark-Trainer-Pink-Black-Velcro-640x406 Nike-Air-Shark-Trainer-Pink-Black-Detail-640x426 Nike-Air-Shark-Trainer-Pink-Black-Heel-640x418
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