Young M.A’s raspy voice and effortless, casual flow lorded over New York this summer with “OOOUUU,” a warm weather anthem that speaks to the reality of life in her native borough of Brooklyn. On the NY Bangers-produced track, which has been remixed by both French Montana and Remy Ma, and across her growing list of releases, 24-year-old M.A establishes herself as a quintessential New York MC — clever, boastful, and occasionally a little dark.

Though her given name is a mystery, it seems impossible that she would be called anything other than “M.A,” an acronym she retrofitted to stand for “Me, Always.” The pseudonym speaks to the authenticity of her persona and music, through which she explores her life as a young Brooklyn storyteller, cultural arbiter, and impressive entertainer. On a humid August day, M.A spoke to The FADER about what it’s like to hear yourself bumping out of every car, the importance of speaking your truth, and how she intends to hustle eternally and never look back.

Tell me about your summer in New York. What’s it like to have your shit blasting out of cars all the time, hearing your song be the song?

It’s crazy, man. It’s still surreal to me. It be times when I come out the crib and somebody’s driving past playing it. I would’ve never thought that’d happen for a while. I can’t really explain it. It more so motivates me to keep going. It’s like, OK, this is official, this is the lock-in. Let’s keep it moving now. Let’s keep giving ‘em this fire and let’s not stop this. I don’t like to get comfortable. I don’t like to be like, Oh, my song is all over the place. I’m lit. Nah, it makes me wanna keep working. Source: By Junick Mayard, Photo by Chris Lee:  

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