Cardi B Responds To Azealia Banks Calling Her A ‘Poor Man’s Nicki’ Minaj

Earlier this week, Azealia Banks blasted Cardi B‘s ‘Bodak Yellow’ going No. 1 and called her a ‘poor man’s Nicki Minaj. Now Cardi has responded by sharing an old video on Instagram. The clip shows Azealia rapping passionately to the hit song, despite later dissing it and saying that black men in the music industry made Cardi go No. 1 because they prefer white and Latina female artists.

Additionally, the Broke with Expensive Taste rapper also sat down with XXL a while back and praised Cardi, so her recent diss is a complete contradiction.

“You should have had Cardi B on the freshman list,” said Azealia back in July. “I really, really like Cardi B. I followed Cardi B on Instagram before she started rapping and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this girl just reminds me of all the girls I went to middle school with, all the girls I grew up on the block with, all the Dominican babysitters.’ I grew up with girls just like Cardi B. So I always thought she was funny, and when she started rapping, I was like, ‘What is she doing?’ Then I heard ‘Foreva’ and I was like, ‘Okay, this is really fucking good, she’s not playing.’ Then I heard a couple other songs and I was like, ‘Oh shit, Cardi’s not playing.’ And now I’m a fan of Cardi B’s music and her personality.”

How do you explain Azealia’s sudden turnaround?

Update: Azealia Banks Claps back — Azealia Banks Claims Cardi B Has A Ghostwriter & Exchanges Sex For Raps

Troll queen Azealia Banks has just taken her beef with Cardi B up about ten notches.

It all started earlier this week when Banks called Cardi — who’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ is now the number song in the land — a “poor man’s Nicki [Minaj].” She also argued that the song is just a hit because black DJs favor white and latina female rappers over black femcees.

Cardi B then struck back by providing evidence that Banks loved ‘Bodak Yellow’ before she hated it.

Of course, Banks wasn’t going to let that stand.

She just went off on her fellow New Yorker in an Instagram Story rant in which she accuses Cardi of using a ghostwriter and exchanging sex for raps.

In the clip, Banks claims a guy named Po from Harlem — who she says is friends with Cardi’s boyfriend from jail — wrote ‘Bodak Yellow.’ “I might get the nigga to write for me, too,” Banks says. “Kudos, dunce.”

But she wasn’t done. She then accused Cardi B of using her mouth for more than just spitting rhymes about oral sex.

“Cardi, congrats on your No. 1, you know? Just like you said, like a bum bitch from the Bronx like you, it’s great that you made it, you know? I’m sure it inspires a lot of other bum bitches, but, like, you know… you suck dick for raps,” Banks claims.

What do you think? Is there any truth to what Banks is saying, or is she just being the nutjob she’s known to be?



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