As if you needed another reason to swoon over the triple threat that is Donald Glover – now you can add onto that long list, a spanking new record titled “Awaken, My Love!” tentatively releasing on December 2nd. Teasers of the album’s artwork and track releases have sent fans into a “Gambino” tizzy. Also, as of late, online rumors have been circulating that this could very well be Donald’s last and final record – but, don’t despair kiddies, this could very well be just a promotional plug for the new album. Either way, we here at Snkrbst are delighted to hear new material from the Atlanta star, and are anxiously awaiting for its official release. Glover’s last Gambino record “STN MTN / Kauai”  came out in 2014. His sophomore LP, “Because the Internet” released back in 2013.

Below, is a list of the titled tracks and a video snippet of what’s to come with Awaken. In our comment section, feel free to let us know if you’ll be coping the new record, or not. Stay tuned to for all the latest and greatest – and don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

-Team Snkrbst

Awaken, My Love!:

01 Me and Your Mama
02 Have Some Love
03 Boogieman
04 Zombies
05 Riot
06 Redbone
07 California
08 Terrified
09 Baby Boy
10 The Night Me and Your Mama Met
11 Stand Tall

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