“In the past, artists never limited themselves to just one medium. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Masolino – all these masters embraced a multitude of mediums that extended beyond just the arts to rhetoric, philosophy and engineering. They found inspiration everywhere and conveyed those messages 
in whichever way possible”.
This is a quote from Christophe Roberts, hailing from the inner city of Chicago, Christophe Roberts was introduced to art at a very young age. His aunt, who ran summer art camps for neighboring under-privileged youth, is where Christophe first unleashed his creativity on her kitchen floor. By 12 years old, he accompanied neighbors to local live paintings, where he would be challenged to construct pieces from memory and imagination. Driven by encouragement, Christophe took his talents to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. It was a great thing for him to really change his surroundings and see the bigger picture, in which he graduated with a Bachelors Of Fine Arts in 2002. After eight years in the Emerald City, Christophe returned to Chicago and immediately went to work putting his first solo show together, Ski Mask (2008) at Artistic Genius Gallery. It was here that he introduced the world to creative sculptures of animals pieced put together from Nike shoe boxes. The feedback was great and word spread through the windy city quick. Christophe was starting to turn heads with his unique style of taking Nike shoe boxes and turning them into masterpieces. But there was a lot going on in Chicago and Christophe needed to remove himself so his talent can blossom. Christophe left Chicago in 2011, to pursue dreams in the concrete jungle, better known as New York City. With his talents arriving in New York, Nike heard and approached him to create an installation to help launch its “Always On” campaign at the flagship store in Downtown Manhattan. After Nike approached, many different big time companies wanted to present opportunities like swoosh to create a similar sculpture in Kobe Bryant’s likeness, for the Los Angeles-based store located within Staples Center. Since then, the beast sculptures have become Christophe’s winning namesake, stating that “BEAST” is not a dark and savage reflection of our primal desires, but rather a propelling force that drives and motivates us. We are not limited by resources, but rather by imagination. Sneakers heads are well known for the culture of kicks, but artist Christophe Roberts flips that trend by recycling the boxes they come in, to create unique exquisite sculptures from sneaker boxes. His techniques of cutting, shaping, and spray-painting transform the shoe boxes into something wonderful. From sculpture to graphic design Christophe is willing to push the boundaries of his creativity. He is know based out in Brooklyn NY, and still creating from sneaker boxes but on a high level. We at Snkrbst ask for you to follow “the beast” Christophe Roberts on all social networks, Instagram @therealchristophe Twitter @Christophe312 or by Website
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Aaron “Ai” Lawrence
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