Complex Mag shows love to The Etonic Brand

Spring is here and the comeback is near! Are you ready for it?  Earlier in the year Complex featured Etonic on their list for The Most Anticipated Sneaker Brand Comebacks of 2014. With no specific details on release dates, all I can say is expect the best from such a long wait. Etonic gives the people a teaser on Instagram (@EtonicBrand) of what you can expect from the re-launch. They showcased a table filled with classic sneakers like the Trans Am, StreetFighter, and Hakeem Olajuwon’s “The Dream Supreme.” The brand even teased people with the re-issue of the popular Etonic Stabilizer KM runner. The Etonic release is setting the trend of Original sneakers being remade and re-released.

“Throughout the years Etonic has stayed focused on what really matters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Leading-edge technology, enhanced performance and exceptional comfort and fit. Newly developed outsole materials will reduce negative ground impact while providing superior cushioning to the foot. Seamless upper materials have been perfected, offering superior breathability while anatomical, molded heal and ankle padding completes the fit. The next generation of Etonic running is just around the corner. Stay tuned.” -Etonic

The Etonic Brand is working hard to create greatness for the re-launch. Stay tune and check out their Instagram (@Etonicbrand) to get a sneak peak of the models for the relaunch. Make sure you visit @Snkrbst to stay updated with dates for the re-launch. Also shout- out to @Complexmag for showing the Etonic love and getting the people excited and more engaged in the OG sneakers.

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Niiya Ruth



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