Converse Aero Jam “Chinese New Year”

Images of a Converse “Chinese New Year” Aero Jam model have surfaced; however, is there validity behind these pictures? that remains to be seen. Earlier this month, the Aero Jam “Liquid Gold” silhouette built up so much anticipation that it sent its hardcore fans into a complete tizzy. If rumors prove to be true, this model will feature an angular strap overlay continued to the rear tab; and its Aero Jam stored in a gold bubble on the heel. The tongue will have a leather base – adding a high-end quality and aesthetic to the model. To complete the silhouette is the the “Cons” logo planted on its tongue in gold lettering. No information with regards to release date nor price range have been provided, but stay tuned to for more updates to this story.

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Kix Staff

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