Del Toro X Disney Capsule Collection

Miami based shoe brand company Del Toro, has a collaboration with the world’s most memorable company, Disney. Together they created five different kicks which are four Chukka versions and two slip-ons. The Chukkas have two featuring Mickey Mouse, one black and white with visuals of Mickey throughout the shoe. While the second pair has a light blue denim top with red laces and a large Mickey Mouse logo on the outside heel. The last two Chukkas has different characters, Donald Duck which peeks up from the bottom of the sole on this exclusive shoe that sports a bright yellow sole, blue back panel, white up front and a red heel tab. Also the character Pluto, which peeks up from the bottom of the sole as well and sports a action green bottom, navy blue up front and red heel tab. 

The first pair of slip-ons also features Mickey with the same logo that was on the second pair of Chukkas blatantly on the front of these exclusive but fancy shoes. Both pairs match black velvet throughout the entire slip-on. The second pair features Pinocchio with his long nose stretched out, on the other side of the shoe and Jiminy Cricket standing on the other end.

No release date on these chakkas or slip-ons as of yet, but how do you like the Disney X Del Toro collaboration? Comments below and stay tuned to for updates on this collaboration

 Written By:
Aaron “Ai” Lawrence
Facebook: Aaron Lawrence


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