Don’t Sleep: Prime Time Had a Mean Sneaker Game

From being a threat on offense, defense and special teams on the gridiron to a catchers nightmare once on base in any ballpark to letting the people know that it “must be the Money” Neon Deion Sanders had all the flash of a megastar and the talent to back it up, there was no doubt that he was properly named “Prime Time “

While his athletic reputation has been well documented but a part of his career that s been slept on is his relationship with Nike and the heat they produced together.

Prime Time was blessed with his first signature shoe named Nike Air Diamond Turf while a member of the Braves and the Falcons of Atlanta. The shoe was designed to reflect Deion’s dual duties on the football field and the baseball diamond.  This made this sneaker the ultimate cross-trainer as it was actively used across two different sports by one of the best to do it besides the great Bo Jackson.  Deion saw more addition to the Diamond Turf model but most sneaker authorities consider his first shoe, his best.

As his career progressed he became a fulltime football that we witnessed Deion win 2 Super Bowls, 2 Defensive player of the year awards and eventually a trip to Cooperstown. Through his career we’ve seen the Diamond Turf models come in Falcon, 49’er , Cowboy, Redskins and Ravens colorways not to mention all the retro models that came in a variety of colors. Just as he left his mark on pro baseball and football Prime Time definitely left his mark on the sneaker game equally.

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