Ewing “Mustard Suede”

“Hold the mustard please!”  Ewing Athletics brand is making sure to keep up with current releases this year and they have made a very strong comeback.  First, they released the Ewing 33 Hi’s and then the Ewing Focus. Now they’ve dug up the retro Ewing Guard design and spread the mustard all over it.  Dark mustard suede adorns the entire upper with subtle black accenting and the Ewing signature and logos.  The sole is also mustard toned with black accents.  The Ewing Mid “Mustard Suede” will be released during the fall of 2013.  Also, keep an eye out for 2 new colorways of the Ewing Focus that just dropped.  Retro sneaker culture has officially re-emerged.

Written By: Kherk

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