A History Lesson on the Fila ’96 Grant Hill II’s

The word “nostalgia” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition; also : something that evokes nostalgia”.  Every week as I do my research through the upcoming sneaker release calendars, I stumble across rereleases of certain kicks that take me back to a particular time period. Ironically, as I had Nas’ “It Was Written” (released in 1996) playing in the background, I started thinking back of all the things that took place that year. Over the summer of ‘96, I started sprouting a very thin, Ralph Tresvant-esque mustache that I took the opportunity to comb in the mirror every chance I had. It was a big deal for me. But something else that took place that summer was the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. More specifically, the Dream Team II won the gold medal for Team USA. At that time, emerging from that group of talented athletes was a gifted superstar, 2-time All Star ballot leader, NBA triple double leader, and the previous seasons MVP. This phenom was none other than Grant Hill. Grant Hill was not only showered with adoration by fans worldwide, but you better believe some big name companies made it rain with endorsement money on the young player. Teaming up with Fila was a win/win for both sides. Fila would see its revenue skyrocket to new heights while Grant Hill’s 2nd signature shoe would have its place cemented in basketball sneaker history forever.

On Thursday August 29th, Fila will be releasing the retro Fila ’96, also known as the Grant Hill II’s. After Hill announced his retirement from the NBA following 19 seasons in the league, its only right to honor the sportsman by releasing the sneaker that helped win him an Olympic gold medal. As part of the “Bulls by the Horns” pack being released, the Fila 96’s will feature a white leather upper along with black patent leather piping. Subtle hints of red can be found wherever the Fila logo is placed. Surprisingly, unlike most of the other retro and current athlete endorsed basketball shoes, these can be purchased for an affordable $90.00. Then again, Fila’s were never really all that expensive to begin with. That’s why my moms bought em for me.  I don’t expect a quick sell out of these, but you never know. Either way, it’s good to see these back on the shelves. Check your local retailer and online for availability. Salute to a true sportsman and a future hall of famer, Grant Hill.

Written By: @TruJeanius

Fila ‘96

Color: White/Black/Fila Red

Style: 1VB90031-122

Price: $90.00

Fila96_3 Fila96_2
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