Former NFL player Terrell Owens is selling his Jordan’s

Broke or NAHHH ? Former NFL Player Terrell Owens has decided to sell some of his Jordan sneaker collection on It’s very likely for celebrities to sell their things online. However, after Terrell reported back in 2012 that he was friendless and penniless to ABC News. You wonder where 80 million of his career earnings went. Terrell is selling over 60 pairs of Jordan’s in a size 14 that are in mint condition to anyone that’s willing to pay for them. The sneaker sale is priced at over $8,000. When all fails and you run a little low on cash, you have the option to do what Terrell is doing and that’s selling your kicks to pay the bills. Terrell Owens is selling his kicks just as low as $125.

Looking through some of the kicks I must say do not expect a lot of the retro Jordan’s or any of Owens Air Jordan III cleats. To check out the big sale go to Tell us at Snkrbst what you think about Owen’s selling his kicks and what you think about the kicks he is selling.


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Niiya Ruth


Instagram: @Nii_Shanae

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