Last night was the official premiere of the coveted FX alien-licious series Atlanta. Atlanta is Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino’s) brainchild. The concept: basically everything that you had hoped would go right in your life – and then reality hits ya harrrrd and it doesn’t. And though the focus turns to the music industry, it’s really used here as a metaphor for life in general. Now, is this new existential series tailor-made for solely social political aficionados? not necessarily. Donald was adamant in keeping the storyline universal, and yet bizarre enough to keep viewers enveloped. With regards to this latest series, his style of writing he admits being a nod to the eerily famous Twin Peaks (from the mid 1990s). However, his voice and nuances trickled throughout the first episode is testament to his genius. I miss the days of watching a series and pondering “what the hell did I just see?” or better yet, when a story/image just sits there in the back of your mind for weeks making you question everything you’ve done in your life up until now. I for one am enthralled with Atlanta and am eagerly awaiting future episodes. If any of our readers missed the first installment of Atlanta, peep it down below. And to catch future episodes of Atlanta on FX, check out your local listings. Stay tuned to Sknrbst.com for all the latest and greatest. And don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of Snkrbst.com
T: RozB33

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