The premiere of Donald Glover’s long-awaited original series “Atlanta” is now less than a month away, a release he has strategically timed to roughly coincide with the debut of new Childish Gambino music in the U2-approved Joshua Tree National Park. Monday saw the release of six fresh teasers from the FX series, giving viewers another mysterious glimpse at one of the year’s most anticipated moments in television. The verdict? Shit’s about to get existential AF.

Atlanta, created by and starring Glover as Earnest “Earns” Marks, follows two cousins as they work their way through the Atlanta music scene. The series, shot on location in Atlanta, also stars Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, Keith Stanfield as Darius, and Zazie Beetz as Van.

“It’s the show I always wanted to see on television,” Glover said during a red carpet interview with FXM in March. “It’s easier to comment on what’s happening on TV. TV shows are like novels now. You have to invest in them.”

“It’s about truth,” Isiah Whitlock Jr., who plays the father of Glover’s character on the series, told FXM in March. “It’s about life. Even though it’s a show for rappers, there’s a lot of truth and a lot of life to it.”

Atlanta brings truth, life, and much more to FX starting Sept. 6.

BY TRACE WILLIAM COWEN | Source: Complex Mag 

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