“G-Unit” Sneakers VS “S.Carters” Sneakers

50 cent is back and he is stirring up beef! In a recent interview with revolt TV Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson stated,

“His Reebok G-Unit sneakers outsold Jay Z’s S.Carters by a whopping six to one margin and made over 80 million dollars during the RBK time period.”

As we all may know, 50 is no stranger to starting controversy and talking about money. I ask “, why would 50 directly come at Jay-Z?

Back in 2002 and 2003 the sneaker game was completely different from what it is today. In that era you had more than a couple of seconds to purchase a hyped sneaker before it was sold out. As we analyze sneaker facts, 50 Cent G-unit sneakers were sold to a mass market. As to Jay-Z he went more of the limited route and helped the company expand its buyers. He took Reeboks from off the court and put them into clubs, at music award shows and in his music videos. I think it’s safe to say he got the hip-hop industry more involved and paved the way for rappers today that has endorsements with the company.

According to NPD Group, “the industry grew by 2.6% in 2003 with the majority of growth in consumers aged 18 to 29, with the release of Reebok’s S. Carter by Jay-Z.”

I believe sneaker heads would like to see 50 cCent and/or Jay-Z to come up with a new sneaker in today’s era. You never know Jay-Z might link up with a Brand and pull a surprise release in response to 50 cent. Do you think time is way over due for the two rappers and they should release their own sneaker?


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Written By:

Niiya Ruth

Twitter: @Nii_Flyshitonly

Instagram: @Nii_Shanae

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