Game Time: Madden – 25th Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since we were introduced to the game that would affect the time we spend with spouses, friends, and family.  For the past 25 years we were able to live our gridiron dreams, make the decisions and control your favorite team the way you felt it should have been done and most of all claim football supremacy upon any and all that tested you.

With Madden 25 they changed simple things like the loading menu, the naming style and even the cover process but other than that it the same Madden we’ve grown to love and spend countless hours playing. This is good and bad. Good because there aren’t any new motions or controls to adapt to while trying to play the game you know like the back of your hand and bad because I feel you have to do something special for the 25th anniversary.

One thing I must salute is the introduction of the Infinity Engine which allows for sharper graphics, great multiplayer function and most of all a effective and multi tiered running game. The good people at EA claim that this is the best football game in the market but being the only game in the market can make such boast possible as well as create a atmosphere were there isn’t any competition so why push.


There are moments when Madden NFL 25 is out of this world . This is thanks to the  long-needed improvements in key areas, every type of football philosophy can be successful this season. Want to pound the ball up the middle? No problem. Feel like being a mad bomber? Fire away. By taking the time to learn Madden’s intricacies, you can run like Lombardi or throw like Coryell all the way to the Super Bowl. There are also moments, unfortunately, when Madden is incredibly aggravating. Occasional technical glitches, quirky AI, and bizarre physics behavior give players a sense that it’s close to coming apart at the seams. Madden NFL 25 is the best effort yet this console generation, though no sports franchise feels as desperate for the promise of the next one.


The best, and most-needed, improvement this year is the interior running attack. Run blocking has been upgraded to allow backs to better see developing holes and exploiting them without as much potential of getting twisted around their own teammates. Because you can consistently generate positive yardage pounding the ball inside, the entire game management process is now more realistic; by forcing the defense to key on interior running, more options become available down the field. Basic Football 101 has finally come to Madden.


This is a good game as a whole and I know that there is a thin line between gaming and on field simulation and to us purist this might serve as a let down but in reality this is promised to give you hours of action packed gaming and you daily dose of football.

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