Words: Nick Byrne

New York – On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed its new Xbox, flaunting a next-generation console that will combine your digital entertainment and operate as a lifestyle device.

The Xbox One is the successor to the Xbox 360, which has been on the market for almost eight years.

Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, says that the Xbox One is where all of your entertainment comes alive in one place.

The new Xbox will combine almost every element of entertainment into one system for your TV.

It is expected to dominate the living room by providing users with live television, music, built-in Wi-Fi, a Blu-ray player, 8 GB of memory and more.

One of the Xbox One’s most impressive features is its ability to run several applications at once.

The device divides a TV screen into several different sections, which means Xbox One owners will be able surf the web, watch live TV, listen to music, play their favorite game and Skype at the same time.

By using the new and improved Kinect, which will be bundled with the Xbox One, most tasks can be accomplished by using hand gestures or voice commands.

For example users will be able turn the console on by saying “Xbox on,” and off by saying “Xbox off.”

Another exciting feature coming to Xbox will be a live action Halo television series created by Steven Spielberg.

“The Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth making meet to produce something really groundbreaking,” Spielberg said. “I’m incredibly excited about the great journey we are all on, and the heroes, worlds and wonders that halo will take us on.

Although Microsoft has not reported when the Xbox One will launch or how much it will cost, Mattrick expects the console to be available around the world later this year.

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