Why do Jordan Retro 1s have to be so expensive? I understand they were the first Air Jordan sneakers to come out, but I just cannot get over how expensive they’ve gotten. I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t own a pair, but I definitely got a good price for them. I got a pair of royal blue ones for $260 dollars in dead stock condition – but not everyone is as lucky. And I’ll admit, I didn’t like the Bred Retros at first glance until I saw my first pair of royal blues. Once I started wearing the royal blues that’s when I realized I wanted to purchase more pairs. I immediately went on eBay, looked up the Shadow Retros along with the Bred retros, and soon realized that the prices were seriously no joke. $600 dollars for a pair?! How can a pair sneakers cost that much? Would I buy a pair of Retros for $500 or maybe $600 dollars? I don’t think so. I would rather go on a vacation with my girlfriend to Jamaica for a couple hundred more. Or I’d rather buy a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo suede shoes. However, hype beasts worldwide and collectors alike will continue to do whatever need be to feed the machine – even if it means spending their last dollar on that Nike Jordan logo. Comment below and let us know here at Snkrbst.com your thoughts. Are these expensive sneakers a good investment or not?

By Ross Geez
Twitter: @rossgeez
Instagram: @rossgeeznyc

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