GOT THAT GLOW? – Air Jordan IV

If you’re anything like me, you spend countless hours of downtime at work perusing various hip-hop blog sites and sneaker sites (shout out to *shameless plug* oh wait, you’re already here….).  More than likely, you’ve already seen the Jordan IV Green Glows on the feet of some of your favorite rap figures, athletes and upper echelon Instagrammers. But since you’re probably none of those people, the Air Jordan IV Green Glows will be made available to you and the rest of the adoring public on 8/17/13. Here’s an interesting fun fact: the green glow segments do not actually glow….at all. Sorry to disappoint you in case you were planning on dusting off the old blacklight from your college dorm.  This happens to be only the 2nd of non-OG to be released for the IV’s this year. Mark your calendars…..August 17th, August 17th, August 17th. I’d even go as far as suggesting you call your local stores at least a week early to find out their release procedure.  I’d hate for you to sleep on these and then kick yourself for not coppin’ em when you had a chance.

Written By: @TruJeanius

green-glow-4s-2 green-glow-4s-3

Air Jordan IV

Dark Grey/Green Glow/Cement Grey/Black


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