Guy kicks are red, girls get the pink, its about time grade school sneakers switched, don’t you think?

Since Valentines has passed, all the red and pink kicks have passed too. It seems like every time Air Jordan drops a female sneaker, its typical sneaker color is pink. The ratio of girls and guys wearing pink in their sneakers might be the same. So why not choose different colors when claiming them as a female sneaker? Since they are only coming out in (GS) grade school sizes, this can be looked at as a female release. Jordan isn’t claiming this a female sneaker, but I’m sure it’s safe to say, these are for the ladies, and happy to see the colors other than pink or red.

Even though I’m not an advocate of the brand, I always had a thing for the design of the Jordan sneakers, especially in the 90s. When 2000 came, I started to feel like the designs were loosing its cool, but the Dub Zero caught my eye because of the laser design. Not only did this intricate design include a collection of Jordan sneakers within the pattern, but the shoe had many other design segments of different Jordan sneakers. I wouldn’t consider this sneaker a retro since it first dropped in 2005, but they’re definitely something to look at when you see them on someone’s feet.

About a month ago, Air Jordan revived the Dub Zeros for their 30th anniversary in January and now you can find a couple other colors out in this design. These are the only sneakers that released this month in such colors. Not only am I excited to rock these fancy colors on my feet, but I think it’s a nice way to end black history month, since these colors resemble the african-american flag. It’s always so much going on in February right?

I’m sure you will remember to look out for the Air Jordan GS Dub Zero “Black/Infrared-Green” kicks will be dropping this Saturday, February 28th. Let’s hope they look just a good in person, rather than only hot in pictures.

By Sequoya Gaines-Trott

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