Happy Nike Air Max Day

Today makes the day of Nike’s inaugural Air Max Day. On this same day in 1987 Nike released their original Air Max sneaker. Nike is not like other brands where they only celebrate big landmark birthday events every 10 to 25 years. Nike celebrates The Air Max 1s turning 27!  The sneaker has become a mainstay and extremely iconic. The sneaker is very popular because it’s stylish and comfortable. Each year Nike releases a new model of the Nike series Air Max sneaker. Today Nike drops the Nike Air Max 3.26. Nike took it back to the basics with this release.

The limited-edition pair features a new red-and-highlighter-yellow colourway – and the date 3.26 embroidered on the shoe’s tongue – provides exactly the kind of detail sneaker heads appreciate .You know the type – the type that keep their shoes in boxes, and clean them with a toothbrush also known as Snkrbst.

In celebration of Air Max Day Nike partnered with ASOS to host the first-ever “shoppable” Google+ hangout this morning, with stylists and fashion peeps chatting about the sneaker’s long history.



@snkrbst would like for you to hashtag #snkrbst and show us your favorite pair of Nike Air Max.


Written by:

Niiya Ruth


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