What has been the biggest highlight of 2015 thus far, you ask? Well, we here at Snkrbst.com would have to say being in attendance at the biggest trade show of the year. The Agenda Trade Show is recognizable for being one of, if not the biggest street-wear expos in the entire nation. Since its initial debut back in 2003, this show has generated more sales in revenue, with highlights of up-and-coming trends than your standard fashion expo. For this year, the Agenda Trade Show was held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City – and of course, Snkrbst TV was on hand to capture the biggest highlights.

Working as both media coverage and merchants for the Etonic brand, Snkrbst was able to interact with well over 250 brands. Brands in attendance were Huff, Vanz, STUSSY, Kangol; as well as emerging brands like Justhype, 10 Deep, and Ethik Clothing, just to name a few. Overall, Agenda coordinators and brands did an exceptional job in cultivating the street-wear brand lifestyle; as well as attracting thousands of fashion buyers, celebrities and taste makers alike.

Also, we’d like to take a moment to thank our camera crew at Snkrbst for doing an incredible job in capturing the likes of Boogz Boogetz Chinx Drugs, Murda Mook, Painter and Contemporary Artist Naturel, Jay-Z’s best friend Emory Jones, and DJ Trace from Power 105.1 FM. To see footage in its entirety, you can visit our Snkrbst TV Youtube channel and/or hit the link.

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