As the game of basketball evolves the innovation process to making better performance shoes and apparel has been pushed to limits beyond some capabilities. Far as basketball is concerned NIKE has been the global leader in proving limits are limitless. It was a trip to China and observing the basketball scene at pick up games on asphalt courts through out the country, Nike notice players are hooping in boots, sandals and none traditional hoop shoes. China and concerns from athletes and consumers gave the innovation team the inspiration to design with style and technology. Briefly in 2008 Nike release their Hyper Series and flywire technology which included better cushioning, stability, durability and all with visual style. In 2010 the brand went all out and unveiled their a newer version of each technology along with selective apparel at the World Basketball Festival in New York and in the FIBA World Championships in Turkey.

A few international teams were sponsored by NIKE and with the home team USA as the leader in the marketing campaign and ideal athletes like Kevin Durant sported the new innovative shoe called the hyperfuses along with Durant, Team Usa and other sponsored teams featured this shoe and the new lightweight Elite uniforms in selective team colors and PE’s (Player Exclusives). The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse was design to be lighter than your average bball shoe, breathable for those hot summer days playing out doors and durable to last longer when playing outdoors. hyperfuse has very little stitching through out the shoe it is simply a few pieces of material heated over and over until its “fused” together and a strategically design sole for traction and other details to decrease ankle injuries. Visible air vents through out the upper in areas specifically to be breathable.

While Nike has been raising the bar far as innovation to please and assist each athlete the prices on these products have been raised too. Some say it’s not affordable and doesn’t make any sense. The question of why pay more for less material is a scheme to dig in the consumers bank.

A source of mine broke it down to me, a little knowledge on the technology and why the steep pricing.


Movez: With Shoes becoming much lighter, why would the price increase if its less material…?
Source: In most cases in order to make shoes lighter and maintain strength. Composites are used which are 2-3 layers of thinner material are fused together.

Movez: ok
Source: while each individual layer of material may cost cost a little less than on single sheet of leather, together they cost a whole lot more.

Movez: AHHHH!
Source: yeah so, even in the absence of material (a hole) we’re still paying for that. Essentially where you were once paying for 1 layer of material – you’re now paying for 3!

Movez: Make $ense!

For you out there wondering why it cost so much for some Lebrons, now you know everyone gotta pay! – MKN+MVZxSNKRBST

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