Jeremy Scott x Adidas “Dark Knight “

With Halloween just around the corner, finding the perfect costume can be exhausting. However, this year Adidas has made costume shopping quite the treat (pun intended)! Fashion designer Jeremy Scott has teamed up once again with Adidas originals to create a Batman-inspired sneaker called “The Dark Knight.” The shoe features a patent leather toe box and cape-inspired panels on its sides (attachable with Velcro) for that extra batty oomph! Shame that studio execs have no movie to release because this would’ve been an awesome promotional tool – and in the words of the infamous Joker: “DRATS!”  Above, check out the new batty pics and stay tuned to the same bat channel (aka for more info and updates.

By Josephine ” Joeyy ” Mathieu
Twitter: __Joeyy
Instagram: @JoeyyJosephine ” Joeyy ” Mathieu

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