Jim Jones’ Fake Jordans Scandal

Jim Jones was caught recently sporting a pair of fake Jordans…*gasp* could it be? It be, y’all! Jim claims to have not known at the time of purchase that his pair were fakes. Unknowingly, Mr. Jones was seen showing off what he assumed were an authentic pair of Ray Allen Jordan 11s. However, in a recent interview with big time sneakerhead SoleyGhost, we see how Jim (and possibly others like Jim) were duped into a bait-and-switch scheme. With the amount of “high quality” replicas saturating the market, the price on these one of a kind retros has decreased – making it nearly impossible to detect between a real and a fake. Ray Allen Jordan 11s in particular are the highest in demand after Ray Allen won the championship with the Miami Heat. Moral of the story: buyer beware.

By the way, have any of our readers been in Jim’s shoes (pun intended) and would like to give us some pointers as to how to avoid such predicaments? Comment below and give us your best suggestion(s). Also, stay tuned to Snkrbst.com for more news breaking stories and updates.

By Brian Walton

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