Johnny Manziel Checks Into Rehab

Most people would love to live a day in Johnny Manziel shoes, as he seems to have everything you could ask for. Being in his position is probably different than most would think. Everybody has their issues and problems and their ways of dealing with them. Johnny Manziel got the big bucks, all the women he wants, cars, fame, etc, but even with having all of that, he still has his personal issues. Johnny Manziel announced that he has checked into rehab to better his health. He has been rumored by Darren Rovell of ESPN to decline six figures to hold a SuperBowl party in Las Vegas. The Cleveland Browns believe in ensuring the best health of their players and
are giving “Johnny Football” the opportunity to better himself and when he returns to the NFL, he will be GREAT. Johnny Football is a great individual, a great player and someone who has potential to be one of the greatest football players today. I believe without a good core and mind then talent will be overlooked and deflated. I am saying that to say that Johnny Manziel needs to clear his mind, detox his body and return to the league with a mission instead of the common “Party” mentality.

By: Benny Vuitton

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