Records sales are nowhere near to where they used to be 10 years ago and artist are pulling the stops out to increase record sales from staged beef to now Kanye West using his album as a “golden ticket” vehicle for his super hyped, ultra limited all red Yeezy 2. This latest act of clown is making it clear that Ye feared that the masses wasn’t really looking for new music from him and he needed a was to boost he 1st week sales, why not prey on the Hypebeast that stand in the rain, sleet and snow for leather and rubber packaged in a box. It is also clear that he has no faith in himself as a artist because the truth is once that thirsty teen cops his album, win or lose that albun will be a Mountain dew coaster and will never make it to the CD player.

This is funny and in the same breath sad that such a musical genius like Kayne would resort to this. I guess any guy waking up to a pregnant reality queen, listening to Ray J disrespect you both on the radio, and banging your head on signs will make you do strange things.

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