LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: PULITZER PRIZE WINNER FOR HAMILTON, THE MUSICAL would like to extend a huge congratulatory greeting to the a latest Pulitzer Prize winner, Lin Manuel Miranda for his 2016 breakout hit “Hamilton.” The Pulitzer is the highest achievement awarded for outstanding work in journalism, literature, and musical composition. Miranda had been nominated for the prestigious award back in 2009 for his then hit “In the Height;,” but with his recent contemporary approach (rap lyrics and multi-ethnic cast) regarding the life of one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, Miranda now takes this incredible accolade home. The show was inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, by historian Ron Chernow. Miranda took the inspiration fostered by this book and has catapult the story and cemented it into the fabric of American pop-culture. Definitely one for the history books (pun intended) for excelling in an industry that is still lacking fair representation. We congratulate you sir and give you a resounding Encore Mr. Miranda, Encore!

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of
Twitter: RozB33

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