Melo Mr 62.. Is it the Kicks ?

Is it the sneakers? Anthony scored a career-high of 62 points to break the

franchise and current Madison Square Garden record. The New York Knicks beat

the Charlotte Bobcats 125-96 on Friday night to stop a five-game losing streak.

Carmelo really put on a great show. Shots were going up and shots were dropping

for him. Anthony shot 23-for-35 from the floor, 6-for-11 from beyond the arc and 10-

for-10 at the free throw line in 39 minutes. Numbers do not lie. As we can see there

was nowhere Melo could not shoot from Friday night. Anthony’s record-shattering

evening should give his biggest sponsor, apparel maker Nike, a boost. Anthony is

Nike’s 12th biggest endorsement deal of all-time, worth $8 million a year. He played

in his very own Melo M10 kicks. Do you believe it was the sneakers that helped him

score his 62 points or is Melo just the man?

Written by

Niiya Ruth



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