Last night’s 59th Annual Grammy Awards was far from boring as it was jam packed with tons feminism, politics, and flubs. Queen Bey aka Beyonce‘s performance was one of true delight for she was about to reveal to the world here prideful growing belly. The performance was an ethereal homage to her roots wrapped in a nine minute mini concert. The video montage that ran before her performance showcased an appreciation for her southern culture and pride – that has transpired throughout multiple generations. Her regal attire (she shares with her mother and child) coupled with her powerful poem, left audiences enamored. Now, when she went back up on stage to receive her Grammy award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album,” she poignantly spoke of the reasoning behind the “Lemonade” album. Her eloquent words were empowering to women – and especially to women of color. Peep below her remarkable speech:

Other surprises involved Chance the Rapper for his three big wins. His jublenance mood was infectious that it blend onto his performance where we see him actually take us viewers literally to church – church choir and all. Chance the Rapper won for “Best New Artist” and “Best Rap Album.” The rapper won for his album, “Coloring Book,” beating out several established performers, including Drake and Kanye West. The underdog performer came from humble beginnings and when his fans were asked of their new hometown hero, they answered with the following statement:

“Being from communities that don’t necessarily have privilege, to see someone just like us make it that far is amazing,” said Onam Lansana, HS Senior.

Katy Perry also debuted her new golden/platinum blonde hair as she sports a politically charged armband that read “Resist” during last night’s live telecast. By the end of her performance, the imagery behind her read in big, bold letter “We the People,” Also taking a bold political stance last night was A Tribe Called Quest. Their dedication to their fallen brother Phife Dawg was then met with folks from every race, ethnicity and religion – making everyone in attendance and the viewing public moved to tears. At one point, Rhymes who joined ATCQ on stage, took the mic to lambaste President Donald Trump. His statement was the following:

“I just want to thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all of the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States,” Rhymes said before launching into “We the People.” “I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban.” For performance, peep below:

Near the close of the show was the most anticipated tributes of the night. Tributes were in dedication to legendary artists George Michael and Prince. Adele sang “Fastlove” with a much more somber and delicate arrangement to pay homage to the icon. Unfortunately, close to the beginning, she forgot a lyric and sang it in a flat note. In a small panic, Adele cursed on live television and begged producers to restart the music and video montage playing behind her. During the live feed she said, “I can’t do it again like last year,” she said. “I’m sorry for swearing. I can’t mess this up for him.” Adele, visibly distraught, added: “Sorry Ken,” a reference to Grammy exec producer Ken Ehrlich. She finished the song in tears, but her fans came to her rescue via social media outlets. We here at Snkrbst recognize we all have an off day – but a true pro strives for excellence – and we therefore applaud you, lady.

Bruno Mars was also asked to play tribute to the “Purple One’ and his performance was a spectacle that left fans wanting more. Morris and The Time opened the tribute performance. The songs they played were a nod to the famous “Purple Rain” movie. They then bounced into Bruno’s “Let’s Go Crazy” rendition. Bruno was dressed in full Prince gear, makeup, and of course,  white guitar.Crowd literally went crazy – fans were roaring and on their feet. Not one person seemed to have sat throughout Bruno’s performance – making this moment in time forever capsulated history for its supreme excellence. However, the voice was not in the same vocal range – but the riffs completely made up for it. What a remarkable night for underdogs, for diva drama, and of course, camaraderie. Oscar night…here we come! Stay tuned to Snkrbst.com for all the latest and greatest. And don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of Snkrbst.com
T: RozB33

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