MCR (My Chemical Romance) fans can now rejoice, for their beloved pop-punk band is back – sonically speaking that is. The band’s third album “The Black Parade” has just celebrated its 10th year anniversary and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with an incredible remix by DJ extraordinaire Steve Aoki. Frontman Gerard Way and Steve were recently interviewed by Buzzfeed.com about the classic track and what this new remix means to them both. To read full article, click here. And if you’d like to listen to the revamped “Welcome to the Black Parade,” feel free to scroll down below. Keep it locked here on Snkrbst.com for all the latest and greatest – and don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

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So this is obviously huge, the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade. What does this record mean for each of you today?

Gerard Way: It represents a very intense time, which is funny, because it’s a really intense time right now. We really tried to make this record kind of a universal theme about death, and that seems to always be relevant. To me, it means the purest kind of creative artistic expression that we could possibly have created.


Steve Aoki: And from a fan perspective, for me to be able to work on this song, and just for someone that loves this song… All the great bands, they always have a song that has the weight that “Black Parade” has — this is a song that’s not just representing My Chemical Romance, it represents an entire culture. This is absolutely one of the most important songs of our generation. I’m just happy that the 10-year anniversary came out and I was lucky — honored — to be able to work on it.

So, Steve, what was your process like remixing this song? Because it is so iconic.

SA: Well, I know it sounds like I’m over-dramatizing, but it really did take me a few months to wrap my head around how I was gonna, you know, ~get into~ the song. Because when you have an incredible song like this, you don’t wanna take away certain parts that are so integral, so important — how do you mess with something that’s already so good? I worked on this remix a lot more than most remixes, for sure. Because it’s a complex beat, and it destroys any formula for writing music. Which is incredible, because it became what it was for that reason, too. Everything that I worked on with this song, everything was fresh — everything was inspired by the song.

By Anna Kopsky

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