#MusicMonday: Track Release From The “Ralfi Pagan Latin Soul Remixed (Complied by Geko Jones)” EP

As we celebrate Puerto Rican Heritage Month, we here at Snkrbst.com would like to give a shout-out to Colombian/Puerto Rican, DJ/Producer, Geko Jones. For this #MusicMonday you can now enjoy his latest project, “Ralfi Pagan Latin Soul Remixed (Compiled by Geko Jones) EP. EP (released via Fania Records) made its wold wide debut this past Friday. The EP features an eclectic mix of sounds to Ralfi Pagan catalogue of classics. Below is the newly released track titled “Never Thought You’d Leave Me (Coolout Mix) by Philadelphia native DJ Coolout. If you’d like to purchase a copy, visit the #iTunes store or click here. #HappyMonday and enjoy the tunes on your way home.

By Roz Baron

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