NBA 2K14: Long Live The King

As we approach the end of the PS3/360 generation, NBA 2K14 comes just in time with a nice crisp delivery of gameplay and details that make a game in which you thought couldn’t get any better improve.


Be prepared for stellar graphics and fluid gameplay with visible improvement on the defensive side of the ball where in the past reaching in to poke the ball away was a sure foul, now a well-timed poke will lead to a loose ball. The offensive set remains the same but you now can one button play call instead of pulling down that annoying play window while trying to avoid getting you pocket picked.


One thing I can’t figure out is why for three years straight years the good people at 2K Sports feel they need to alter and change the controls. In a perfect world you would like to pick up the latest edition of the 2K franchise and just start to play without having to open the often-ignored players manual.  In this edition the right stick is in command of your skill moves and shooting while most are used to last years setup where the left trigger controlled when you shot. If you open this game and think you are just going to start ballin out of control you will probably end up throwing your controller through that pricey HD television. Take time to learn all the basic moves to ensure your playing experience is a good one.


King James graces the cover this year and 2K Sports used him to create a mode called Path to greatness. You will have the option to choose either Fantastic Journey or Heat Dynasty. In Fantastic Journey King James test his worth on the free agent market while in the Heat Dynasty James chills in Miami and tries to rack up as many rings he can in South Beach.  This mode moves fast as you don’t have to play through a full season, you are dropped into critical games during the quest and points are earned based off of LeBron’s stats, final score and other game details.


Besides the control change (again) this edition won’t disappoint and account for hours of gameplay and online battles. Being that it’s the only game in market it’s all we got, so play hard and enjoy.


Publisher: 2K

Developer: 2K Sports

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360

Price: $59.99

Release Date: Oct. 1


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