Netflix Will Get Into Reality TV With Original Programming

Continuing with its TV (world?) domination, Netflix is getting into the reality TV game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service plans to add original reality TV content to its offerings including unscripted dramas and competition shows. So basically the new Bravo?  K, cool.

Besides money, THR explains, “the biggest allure is Netflix’s focus on straight-to-series orders, bypassing what has increasingly led to a challenging development process elsewhere.” So it would be easier for producers to get a green light, and we’d hopefully get more than one season a year out of these types of shows.

David Lyle, reality TV vet, says, “the competition should be scared out of their minds. He continues, “these guys are monsters — they’re coming in to play and play hard.”  Someone check on Andy Cohen, please! (P.S. Andy, I will watch anything you create.)

There are still some concerns, though. “Rivals insist pilots are fruitful and making must-see reality is harder than it looks, pointing to cable networks like AMC that tried and failed to enter the space. And representatives worry about everything from the all-at-once rollout (will someone watch 10 episodes of a competition series if the finale is available right away?) to the uncertainty around backends, a frequent complaint on the scripted side as well.”

Despite these challenges, we’d say Netflix has a pretty good chance at killing the reality TV game. Have they ever created any show that wasn’t a hit?

By Sara Alderman | Source:

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