In a world where currently social order is in complete disarray, comes a masterful visual representation of that very circumference of pain (i.e. Pulse). “Moonlight” is a new film breaking boundaries in the industry for its genuine and honest portrayal of homosexuality concentrated in an urban setting. The film is based on the life of playwright Tarell McCraney – and is written/directed by Barry Jenkins. “Moonlight” is the telling of the harshest of realities growing up African American, poor and gay. The film takes place in Miami, Florida where crime and homophobia is (for the most part) at an all-time high. And although the storyline follows the normal recipe of the trials and tribulations – we viewers also see how combative self-acceptance can be when surrounded in a homophobic and alpha-male surrounding.

The film also showcases a number of up-and-coming actors such as Naomie Harris who plays the lead protagonist’s crack-addict mom. Her vividly raw and vulnerable portrayal has sent critics’ tongues a-wagging with Oscar nomination buzz. And we also get to see the acting chops of the always mesmerizing Janelle Monae. The film has only had a couple of weeks since its official premiere – and both critics and movie aficionados alike are already rooting for its accolades – only time will tell.

For this first November weekend, will any our readers be interested in checking out this film? Scroll down to peep the movie trailer and sound off below with your thoughts and comments. And don’t forget to #ThinkLikeUs.

By Roz Baron
Editor-in-Chief of
T: RozB33

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