Friend of SNKRBST and custom sneaaker Jedi Mache cooked up a fresh pair of Jordan III’s for Pirates 3rd baseman and 2013 All-Star Pedro Alverez. Just looking at the craftsmanship, Mache started with a fresh pair of White Cement III ’88’s and went with the New York Met colorway with their customary blue and… continue reading →

Gorillaz have announced the release of their long-awaited new album. It’s titled Humanz and set for release on April 28th. The band revealed the album’s title on Instagram via a series of photos spelling out the name Humanz. Each letter contained photos of the album’s various guest collaborators. The impressive cast includes Noel Gallagher, Mavis Staples,… continue reading →



You can only hear something for the first time once. I don’t mean to sound so obvious, but my first listen to ÌFÉ’s debut album, IIII+IIII (pronounced Eji-Ogbe), was such an incredibly special moment that I wish I could repeat it over and over. From the first electronically treated vocal calling out to me like a… continue reading →