Nike Air Check

After Nike introduced the Air Raid to the Black Tops in 92, and then releasing a dedicated street-ball version in 93 with the Air Raid II’s, the Air Checks was Given it’s own lane on the black top. It was the Air Raids little brother, a second option that shared similar designs but in a sleeker light weight version. Never seen on NBA courts because it was a basketball shoe that was intended to be played outdoors. Possibly influenced by the vibrant colors of Nike’s ACG line, seeing that the idea was to bring performance athletics to the great outdoors, the Air Check’s was a prime example. Released in four flavors, the Cedar and Blue Night color way was a fan favorite. Equipped with a full length neoprene bootie, high Velcro ankle strap for added support, wide fat laces secured them to your feet, and rugged outsoles made it great when playing on the asphalt.
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Kix Staff

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