Nike Football Society : Opening Night

If I had to describe the atmosphere of what the evening felt like with a movie title, it would be “Friday Night Lights” for obvious reasons. It’s not every day that you sit in an end zone under the Manhattan Bridge to cheer on some of the industry’s most respected influencers. Leave it to Nike to bring them all out to compete in intense games of flag football. The teams have some pretty interesting names if you ask me: Chinatown Counterfeiters, LES 99 Cent Dreamers, South Brooklyn Vapors, Midtown Money Makers, East Village Knuckles, Fort Greene Schemers, Jamaica Diamond Turf and last years champs Flatbush Crowns. Our very own Jay “Sneaker Sensei” Corbin is playing QB for the Fort Greene Schemers. He was deemed Week 1’s Player of the Game for carrying his team. Unfortunately they lost but I’m sure they’ll be on a field practicing this week to make a statement at the next game. Games are scheduled to be on Sunday’s from now on. NFS is like a secret society so I’m not so sure that I’m allowed to disclose the location of the field. #aishashrugs. However, it’s not that hard to find considering the historic landmark in the photos. Ask a friend to ask a friend where they are and come see some of the action for yourself.

Signing Off…

Yours Truly,

Aisha Ali

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 9.33.47 PM photo-1 photo-4


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