Nike Fuel Capture The Flag Challenge : Moving For Good

Bright and early this past Sunday morning, Nike FuelBand enthusiasts gathered at the MBHS Verizon Field to play an intense game of what one would call Capture The Flag meets Water Balloon Paint-balling. The mission was to Move For Good and to #MakeItCount. Last year, Nike donated almost 2 million in an effort to rebuild parks at schools affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. If FuelBand owners could sync a total of 20 million fuel points on September 8th, they would donate another 1 million dollars to the cause. Nike invited 80 people that RSVP’d for the event on Twitter and decked them out in headbands, shirts, shorts, socks, and FlyKnit Trainers from head to toe to play four 12 minute games. The field was setup with barricades, tunnels, jails, and fueling stations where players could unlock water cannons and immunity cloaks with increasing amounts of fuel points. If stricken with water, the player had to report to jail and earn 50 fuel points before being let out. Players with the most fuel points competed in an All Star game with Nike’s own Fuel Crew. The Black team won the championship and the Fuel Crew came out on top during the All Star Game. Kudos to Nike for finding yet another innovative way to get people up and active for a cause. Remember to sync your FuelBands and #MakeItCount!

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Aisha Ali

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