We’re less than a week into 2015 and yet Nike has managed to outdo itself yet again. Huge announcement from Nike’s top designer Tinker Hatfield has sent social media platforms in a tizzy for its latest release. Yes folks, the much anticipated self-lacing sneakers that moviegoers were introduced to in the popular 1989 movie “Back to the Future II” will be making its debut this year. Nike had a short run with a similar model named the Nike MAG back in 2011 – however, this model lacked the bells and whistles of the legendary Power Laces. For this 2015 release, Nike promises to feature the movie staple’s Power Laces – sidenote: can you imagine not having to bend down to tie your own shoes? Totally awesome! Tinker Hatfield confirmed rumors to be true at Monday’s Agenda Tradeshow. Now with regards to a release date, pricing and distribution, those details were not made public – however, for those of you who are truly movie savvy and remember the date seen in the iconic DeLorean time machine from the first “Back to the Future” movie can already make their own assumptions [insert October 21st. But please, don’t quote me]. For more updates to this incredible story, please stay tuned to Snkrbst. Below, leave us a comment and let us know here at if you’re interested in buying a piece of cinematic history.

By Ari Esco

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