Nike Vs. Adidas Vs. Vans – The Battle of the Wedges.

The war is on amongst Adidas, Nike, and Vans. Sneaker wedges have made their mark this season and everyone is trying to step over each other! Sky High Nike Dunks made a huge impact to Nike fans and even some celebrities. Who said Adidas and Vans couldn’t do the same? Rihanna was caught rocking her own pair of black and white Adidas sneaker wedges on August 5th while at the Barbados Festival. Not only is Adidas making sure Rihanna gets her pair of wedges, but they also made sure the blonde British singer Rita Ora collaborated with the Adidas company making her the icon to the new Lace-Up BMX Cycling Wedge Sneakers, priced at $235.00. On the other hand, Karrueche went as far as posting on Instagram that she usually doesn’t like wedge sneakers but she’s rockin’ with the Vans Neon Wedges. Who do you think did the sneaker wedge best?

Written By: Lynette Disla @LynetteDee

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