Oregon Suspends Players For Selling Their Sneakers

Oregon Fighting Ducks

As the NCAA gets underway, league officials have already suspended two key players from the Oregon Ducks. The players were suspended for selling their player exclusive sneakers that were given by the team by the university footwear sponsor, Nike. Dominic Artis and Ben Carter were issued 9-12 game suspension from the NCAA due to a violation of the NCAA code. The Oregon “PEs” have made sneakerhead’s go crazy with dope silhouettes such as the “3s” and “4s” and “5s”. Knowing how hard it is to make it in college life, it shocked us that the Oregon players would get suspended for just trying to earn a little extra cash for school. Did theses kids deserve a 9-12 game suspension? Holla at us ad share your comments below!

Written By Ari Esco

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