Pensole x Etonic “D’Wayne Edwards To Develop The Inaugural Brand Dream Shoe”

If your  you’re a true sneaker head and never heard of Pensole  or D’Wayne Edwards chances are you won’t forget it after this article you read this. D’Wayne Edwards is similar to Chris Bangle, former chef designer of BMW. You love their products and would work three jobs to afford the prized their iconic designs, but never looked to see who was responsible for the those irresistible creations (OR functional works of art).


How many friends do you have born with the gift of being able to draw drawing anything they could see? D’Wayne Edwards is one of those people.  For D’Wayne  And, little did he know that his skill with a N0.2 Pencil would help enable him discover his ultimate journey and later propel him to the through the Jordan Brand stratosphere of footwear design and enable him  lead him to founding to found the premiere Footwear Design Academy worldwide in the world.  The name Pensole came about when he D’Wayne drew his first shoe with a N0.2 pencil – and every shoe thereafter for his entire career.  since in his entire career.   The name PENSOLE, draws on that:   taking the first three letters of the word PENcil and adding it to SOLE. PENSOLE was born as a tribute to the instrument and industry that has designed defined his life. Pretty wicked right?


Edwards was former Footwear Design Director, for JORDAN Brand, a division of Nike Inc. For D’Wayne Over the course of his 25 year career D’wayne has received numerous countless design awards, owns over 30 patens, patents, designed over 500 styles for some of today’s premiere athletes, such as  The A-list includes: Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, and my personal favorite Carmelo Anthony, who sports my personal favorite shoe – a shoe ranked  who is currently 5th in U.S. Retail Basketball Shoe Sales according to In 2010 D’Wayne founded the 1st academy in the U.S. dedicated to Footwear Design. Pensole Footwear Design Academy was expressly created to give talented designers, regardless of socioeconomic background, an opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and to provide the footwear industry with a farm system for the next generation of designers schooled in the highest standards of function and aesthetics.


In three years, Pensole has secured partnerships with top footwear brands, over 100 design schools globally. and has  Over 60 former Pensole students are now working professionally for some of today’s top brands: Nike, North Face, Under Armor, Wolverine, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Stride Rite, Keen, Converse and JORDAN – making Pensole the premiere Footwear Design Academy worldwide. Notably, D’Wayne was one of the first African-American Footwear Designers, hired as an entry level Designer at age 19, in 1989 as well. by L.A.Gear hired him as an Entry LevelDesigner at age 19, in 1989. Now in days Today you can find D’Wayne gearing up to develop the inaugural Brand Dream Shoe for Etonic. It’s an amazing re-beginning for the re-launch of Etonic. Excited yet? And you can remember this:  D’Wayne Edwards x Etonic Brand Dream.


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Travis “Trav” Edwards

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