Political cartoonist Dave Granlund expresses with this pensive portrait (seen above) the sentiment heard across the land for those of us whom voted for Hilary Clinton last night. We here are stand united with our fellow brothers and sisters who are feeling a devastating blow post results. And although we are desperately trying to grapple with the inevitable – our only comfort is to  stand united as a nation to further educate future generations and steer them way from ignorance and hate. May God truly bless us all.

-Team Snkrbst

Dear Daughters:
don’t be afraid to be strong.
To be a “Womyn”
in the eyes of men
to love yourself without expecting
love in return
The days ahead will be riddled
with fear and angst,
rage and silence.
But this is the moment
for movement
and chants
Fire and song,
You are not beneath him or his belief
you never were
He could never take
away your beauty
your voice,
your strength
your song
the picket lines might be long
and you will stand stronger
the yells will be louder
and you will cry out
your feet might wear and tear
against the rigid peaks of your last breath
but you will rise up
unhook yourself
from the grips of fear
and dependence
you will cast your light
against the eyes of misogyny
blind it with your Iron heart
shine your strength
lace your boot straps
and stomp the shadows of wicked men
in their own back Alleys
these false patriarchs
cut and sewn together
by barb wired threads and false liberty
the lyrics they sing about you
were never true
you are not a footstool
for someone’s chorus
a cheap thrill for an easy tune
You will be the Last
and the Greatest Revolution
and you will refuse
to be moved,

By Lemon Andersen

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