SelfMade Boutique Presents: Snkrbst PopUp Shop

Boutiques have been growing in numbers, popping up on street corners, in shopping centers, at events and more. As many different brands begin recognizing there benefits of clothing retail stores, they make sure there merchandise are available. Well this Boutique has a Jersey Vibe with a New York Hustle, and its called “Self Made Boutique” on 290 Hoboken Ave. Jersey City NJ. Eduardo Collado , Anthony Morel , Eddie Perez, David Callado and Jose Rodriguez are all partners of this Self Made Boutique all hailing from Queens and the Lower East Side. The Boutique is a small shopping outlet, especially one that specializes in elite and fashionable items such as clothing, sneakers or accessories and Self Made Boutique has it all.

With many Brands and Styles for men and women, plus the perfect location, this is what makes the Self Made Boutique different from others. From Jeans like “PRPS” Rapper Fabolous loves so much can be found there as well as Robin’s Jeans, Cult Of Individuality, Buffalo Denim, Crooks & Castle, Entreels, Fresh Goods, D9 Reserve, Ron Bass, Post Game and much more. But wait, SELF Made  is the official Pop-Up Shop for Snkrbst as well, so many new releases from the top sneaker brands will be available at Self Made Boutique, go and check it out.
You can follow SELF Made on all social networks at selfmadeboutique and check out there

Thanks for supporting a company that cares about there customers. #SELFMADEBOUTIQUE #SNKRBST

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